How can I ensure my lesson is respectful and appropriate for Bansho kids globally?

Bansho is an excellent place to show kids how different cultures and families live, work, and celebrate around the world.

With that in mind, we want to make sure that Bansho is an inclusive place for our global families. Here are a few helpful resources to reference when creating lessons around the holiday, or any time of year!


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Teaching Tolerance Teaching Tolerance is the go-to source for information regarding sensitive topics. They have resources across grade levels for teaching about Race & Ethnicity, Religion, Ability, Class, Immigration, Gender & Sexual Identity, Bullying & Bias, and Rights & Activism.


Native Hope Resource Library Native Hope Organization’s Resource Library. They have sections on “Reflecting on Our Past,” “Native American Life Today,” and “Building a Hopeful Future.” This is great for familiarizing yourself with the side of history not frequently heard, told by the groups that experienced it. General
Center for Racial Justice in Education The Center for Racial Justice in Education’s Resource library. Organized by topic, and easy to navigate. This is a great place to look if you are unsure of something. General
Anti-Defamation League: Considerations for Inclusive Holidays & Observances Anti-Defamation League’s guide for inclusive holiday celebrations and observances Holidays
NEA: Native Educators say Thanksgiving Lessons can be Accurate, Respectful, and Still Fun “Native educators say Thanksgiving lessons can be accurate, respectful, and still fun—here’s how” article by the National Education Association. Includes some alternative activities like pony bead necklaces instead of headpieces. Thanksgiving
A Racial Justice Guide to Thanksgiving A Racial Justice Guide to Thanksgiving by the Center for Racial Justice in Education.  They have linked resources for Native American Perspectives, Contributions and Celebrations, Teaching Approaches, Lesson Plans, Historical Resources, Resources for Families, and a Book List. Thanksgiving
What Does Thanksgiving Mean to Native Americans?  By the Native Hope Organization. A great piece that outlines the way indigenous groups view Thanksgiving, and how it is viewed as a Day of Mourning. Thanksgiving
A Racial Justice Guide to the Winter Holiday Season for Educators & Families The Center for Racial Justice in Education’s HUGE guide to Winter Holidays. Everything you need to know, including Mental Health during the holidays! Winter Holidays